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Arial shot of a bustling street in India. There are cars piled up till the eye can see and there's a huge crowd of people on the pavement too.

Be a part of financially empowering 200 million+ working Indians

NIRA is on a mission to help Indian workers who are being overlooked by traditional financial institutions.

We’re Straightforward

Our work is rooted in making India more financially inclusive of offering fair finance for working class Indians. If you're looking for work that is exciting, challenging and purposeful, then NIRA can be a good fit for you.

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We’re hoping you’ll resonate with these values

96% of people would refer NIRA as a great place to work

Easily apply for jobs at NIRA
on our linkedin jobs portal.

If you didn't find a match on our listings but think you have the skills or ideas to make an impact at NIRA,
write to us at

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