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Starting with credit, NIRA is on a mission to bring relevant and accessible financial products to India’s mass market. 

NIRA is for working India

Finance plays a part in all our lives. We believe our teachers, nurses, IT managers, constables, hospitality providers, security guards, bank branch workers, retail staff, and small business employees need access to fair finance to create the quality of life they deserve.

Young Indian adults working with their laptops in a fancy coffee shop

Future Finance

Our use of data and technology makes what was once impossible, possible. We can now bring new financial products to more people, in more places, than ever before.

Young Indian man riding a motorcycle through traffic and smiling at the camera

No Tension Life

Unexpected or larger than usual expenses are a source of immense stress for millions of Indian households. Local moneylenders were a quick fix, but they are not a solution. 

NIRA  builds financial empowerment by offering our customers products that are transparent, respectful,  and easy to use.

Sound exciting?

We want you to join us!

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